Hello! It is very nice to meet you! Cindy Liu is an illustrator, sequential art, and children's book artist working in editorial and publishing industry. Now, Cindy Liu is cooperating with psychologists to help people by drawing. Her comics and illustrations works are applicated to help people understand bipolar disorder and reduce patients' anxiety during the pandemic. 
Her artworks are featured in originality and creativity. By observing things around her, she connects abstract textures with deep manifestations of emotion and visualizes them.
Cindy's works show both a focus on concepts and a sense of storytelling. Refining hopes from pain and suffering, making the feelings and needs of patients seen by others, and letting the patients know they can seek help are the qualities that set her works apart from other artworks that try to describe mental illnesses.
Using illustrations to help the public understand mental illnesses and mental health is a long-term topic that she would like to keep working with. As an illustrator who believes that she has the social responsibility to help people in need. Cindy is proud of what she has been doing, and she will keep pushing herself to become a better professional.
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