Project Title: Roller Coaster Rider

As part of my MFA Illustration thesis, this series metaphorically explores the inner world of those suffering from bipolar disorder through the lens of a roller coaster rider's experience.
The concept centers around using the intense ups, downs, loops and turns of a thrilling roller coaster ride to symbolize the turbulent emotional extremes faced by bipolar individuals. The coaster represents the manic highs of euphoria and lows of depression that constantly pull them in opposite directions.

Amidst the chaos, moments of tranquility and optimism are portrayed - whether passing through a brief calm stretch of track or the rider's sheer determination to maintain their grip. These capture the periods of normalcy achieved through treatment and therapy, as well as the resilience needed to manage this chronic condition long-term.

Ultimately, the series strives to create empathy and understanding around bipolar disorder by giving creative shape to an unseen, emotional reality. It's a celebration of those who summon incredible inner strength while riding this metaphorical, lifelong roller coaster in pursuit of stability.

The series was selected for the WIA2023 Shortlist Exhibition, recognizing its creative portrayal of mental health.
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